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We are a leading Sake Retail Shop and Sake Workshop dedicated to providing an exceptional selection of Japanese sakes for retail and hosting private tasting workshops. Our company takes pride in offering a diverse range of carefully curated sakes sourced directly from renowned Japanese Sake Breweries. With a deep appreciation for the art and craftsmanship behind this traditional Japanese beverage, we aim to share our passion for sake with enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

At Ottotto, our mission is to showcase the rich cultural heritage and exquisite flavors of Japanese sake. We strive to offer an unparalleled retail experience, providing customers with access to a wide variety of high-quality sakes that embody the unique characteristics of different regions and brewing techniques. Through our Sake Workshops, we aim to educate and engage individuals in the art of sake appreciation, fostering a deeper understanding and enjoyment of this time-honored beverage.

Product Offerings
We take great care in curating our sake collection, ensuring that each bottle represents the finest quality and authenticity. Our extensive range includes a diverse selection of sakes, ranging from crisp and refreshing styles to rich and complex varieties. By sourcing directly from Japanese Sake Breweries, we establish strong relationships with producers who share our commitment to excellence. From traditional and well-known labels to limited-edition and seasonal releases, our offerings cater to both seasoned sake enthusiasts and those new to the world of sake.

Sake Workshops
In addition to our retail services, we offer private tasting workshops designed to introduce participants to the art of sake appreciation. Led by knowledgeable and experienced sake experts, our workshops provide a unique opportunity to explore the history, production methods, and tasting techniques associated with this revered beverage. Through engaging presentations, interactive demonstrations, and guided tastings, participants gain a deeper understanding of the diverse range of sakes available, while developing their sensory skills and expanding their palate.

Customers' Experience at Ottotto
At Ottotto, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and ensuring that each interaction with our customers is personalized and memorable. Our passionate team is always available to provide expert guidance, answer inquiries, and assist customers in selecting the perfect sake for any occasion. With a commitment to excellence and a genuine love for sake, we aim to exceed customer expectations and create long-lasting relationships.